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What a great day

We spent the day at monkey town and we had so much fun. Not only was it very educational, but the staff were very friendly and helpful. We did the tour, saw the monkeys and apes being fed and then later went through again on our own. Truely had a great time. We also popped in at reptile world (sic). Held a 45kg snake!!! Omw what an experience. Will definitely go back again. They upgraded the centre so much since i was last there as a child.

A Large Variety of Monkeys & Fun Monkey Encounter

 enjoyed the monkey interaction encounter. I got to feed a monkey some fruit, then he took my hand and brought it towards his side showing me where I could pet him in thanks for the food. There was another smaller monkey who would land on you, take some peanut pieces from your hand and then jump away but didn’t like to be pet. They made for some cute pictures. It was interesting to see such a wide variety of monkeys in this place and the petting zoo was entertaining as well

Good atmosphere and fun for everyone

This is a place where the staff cares for the animals, unlike some other animal encounter places in the region. We paid extra for a short interaction (feeding) with the monkeys, and that was worth it for our young son.

Excellent place

 Kid friendly place. Lovely atmosphere, very clean and tidy place, animals well looked after. Excellent place for any occasion

Absolutely Awesome

Myself and a friend stopped by thinking it’d be a little stop on our day out, but nope, it was amazing. There’s such a variety of monkeys and other animals and the monkey encounter was brilliant! All the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly too.

Present meeting Past

Today it was my mother, my sister, my nephew and I visiting Monkey Town. I must say that it is one of the best nature and animal sanctuary parks in Cape Town. The encounter was very special and the guides helping us were very passionate! Well done guys, loved it!

Great experience

A place everyone should visit at least once. An incredible and inexpensive experience that cannot be done without watching the chimps being fed and going into the cages with the little monkeys. A great place to take your partner or even to take your family.

Amazing experience especially with young children

We went to monkey town for the day and my 2 year old just loved it . We also had a family animal private interaction with squirrel monkeys and it was really spectacular. The monkeys literally come and eat out of your hand . We really enjoyed the outing.

The BEST thing ever

We visited monkey town as it was around the corner from where we were staying and it was a rainy day, we stumbled across this flyer so decided to give it a shot. We all loved it its well worth the money and you can tell everyone there really cares for the animals. I would recommend visiting during feeding time as you can feed some of the smaller monkeys.

Stunning haven for beautiful creatures

My mom and I had such a wonderful day at Monkey Town. The staff are exceptionally friendly and do such incredible work, rescuing and looking after these stunning animals. I am a vet student and I was very impressed with the standard of care and environmental enrichment.

Great place to visit for animal lovers!

My husband and I, in our 30’s, really enjoyed visiting Monkey Town. We are animal lovers so when visiting South Africa, we wanted to encounter as many animals as possible. Our tour of monkey town was very interesting to see and learn about the many different types of monkies and apes. The best part though was an additional encounter they offered of holding a squirrel monkey! Having the little monkey jump on our arms, and shoulders, and head, was such a fun and amazing experience! This place is very fun for a half-day, and holding the monkey was one of the most memorable experiences of our 2 week trip to South Africa!