General Rules & FAQ
General Rules

Monkey Town maintains a safe, fun environment for our guests and our animal residents. 

Here are a few rules – kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions that is part of your booking form should you make a Day Visitor Booking.

Monkey Town Rules
  • Feeding or touching of any of our animals is not allowed.
  • Please refrain from teasing or screaming at any animals – the animals can get scared and may react negatively.  This is their home, please be respectful.
  • Eating is not allowed inside the primate centre.
  • Placing children on or over exhibit handrails or fencing is absolutely prohibited.
  • Firearms are prohibited on zoo grounds.
  • During your visit, you may be photographed or filmed. Your admission to Monkey Town serves as your permission for use of your image by Monkey Town CC t/a Monkey Town Primate Centre.
  • You may use cameras and video cameras in Monkey Town for personal use only. Commercial use of photographs or video taken by you during your visit is prohibited without prior written consent of Monkey Town Management. Contact for more information.
  • We do not allow pets on zoo grounds for the safety of our animals and yours.
  • Please do not visit the zoo and leave your pet unattended in your car. Kindly educate yourself on the consequences of this choice
Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to make sure to answer all your questions within the pages of our site, but some questions are asked so frequently, we thought we would gather them together here for easy viewing. Enjoy your visit! 

How do we get there? 

For directions, please Click Here

What are your hours for admission? 

Please revert to our Rates and Bookings for all relevant information. Do I have to make a booking? Should you only wish to view the animals, no booking is required. If you want to spend the day with us and use one of our Day Visitor Options, then a booking is compulsory.

Can I bring in my own beverages / alcohol? 

Kindly email our office at for more information. 

Do you have card facilities? 

We accept Visa and Mastercards for everything. Including donations. 

Are you handicap accessible? 

We are handicap accessible. Please be aware that we are on natural terrain -  this means that there are hills and inclines to manage. 
Kindly bring along your own wheelchair / walking aid. Our interaction area is not handicap accessible unfortunately.

Is everything outdoors? 

No, our exhibits with the primates are outdoors. Our Reptile Garden is an indoor exhibit. 

Are you open in the rain? 

Monkey Town Primate Centre is open rain or shine. Please note that some outdoor surfaces become slippery when wet. Please be extra careful and wear appropriate footwear when visiting us on a rainy/wet day.” 

Will my bag be searched? 

Yes, Monkey Town Primate Centre reserves the right to inspect all bags when entering the premises. (Illegal substances, weapons, food for animals are not allowed into the zoo etc.). 

Can I have a birthday party in the zoo? 

Yes, of course! You can celebrate any occasion at Monkey Town Primate Centre when booking for a Day Visitor Booking. All our options are self-catering which allows you to spend according to your own budget. 

Where can I buy a baby monkey?

Monkey Town Primate Centre supports responsible pet ownership. Wild animals and exotics are not good house pets.

Can I bring my pet to Monkey Town Primate Centre? 

Pets are not allowed at the primate centre. Please leave your pets at home; not in your car, no matter the temperature outside.

Are all facilities available every day?

Animal viewing is available daily. The waterpark facilities, including the toddler inflatable area, are only available on weekends and school holidays. Bookings are compulsory via email for the waterpark & braai/picnic facilities.

The waterpark can be booked by schools during the week - subject to availability.