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About Us

Monkey Town Primate Centre, located on the N2 in Somerset West is a Wildlife Centre for monkeys and apes as well as a large variety of other species of animals. There are more than 250 primates and 21 different exotic species of monkeys and apes including Tammy, Ruby, and Sunny, our famous chimp sisters. 

Monkey Town is not just a primate centre but also a wildlife centre with over 600 animals in total to admire. 

Visitors to the well-designed enclosure at Monkey Town observe the monkeys from caged walkways allowing the monkeys to roam freely on the outside. 

Don’t forget your camera – the best way to capture your visit forever! You can share your photos on our Facebook page. 

All our primates and animals enjoy their own specific, well-balanced diet so kindly DO NOT feed any of our animals. Our keepers take good care of this! 

One of the great things about visiting Monkey Town Primate Centre is that you see and experience different things each time. 

What can tourists do at Monkey Town Primate Centre?

  • go on a guided tour 
  • visit our Reptile Garden (facebook page) 
  • play, swim and supertube 
  • braai/picnic combo’s (combinations of the above options) 
  • parties (young and old) 
  • year-end functions.

Our guests leave with a greater understanding of primates and the unrelenting threats they are facing in the world today. ….. be educated about the primate species and other animals who live in our world today.