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A. Preschool and Grades 1-3: Foundation Phase – Environment (Awareness of and a Comparison between Human and Non-Human Primates/Other animals in the environment.) Topic: Monkeys are a lot like us.

B. Grades 4-7: Intermediate Phase – Science – Theme Life, Sub-theme Variety. (An investigation to establish the Variety of Life Forms and the Characteristics of Mammals and Primates). Topic: What is a Primate?

C. Grades 8-9: Senior Phase – Science – Theme Life, Variety of Life Forms. (An investigation into Environment Interaction and the Variety of Life Forms with emphasis on the differences between Primate Species). Topic: New world versus Old world monkeys.

D. Grades 10-12: Science (An investigation into the Interaction between Environments and the influence of Humans on Diminishing Animal Habitats). Topic: Endangered Primate Species and their habitats.

Make your visit more interactive!
Children are encouraged to bring along fruit or vegetables for the monkeys. See which is the monkey's favourite. Do you think they will like the fruit or the veggies more?