Adopt a Monkey

Come and join the Family...

Monkey Town has 28 different species of exotic monkeys – most born in captivity. Some used to be lonely pets kept mostly in cages while others were rejected by their mothers due to the unfortunate fact that female primates raised in isolation seldom learn to nurture their young.

At Monkey Town these discarded animals are reintroduced to members of their own species and eventually become part of family groups.

Many of the 28 species at Monkey Town are on the endangered list, mainly due to diminishing habitats, deforestation, the bush meat and pet traders.

Monkey Town aims to make a contribution to the conservation and protection of primate species on the brink of extinction. You too can become involved and assist to provide a safe haven for these aggrieved monkeys. After all, we owe them a living – it was man who destroyed their natural habitat.

We need your help to help them! Join the Friends of Monkey Town by adopting a monkey. 

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